The perspectıve

It all started with one thing, and will keep on going with the same!

The idea of Happening was brought to life at the end of 2017 by three athletes in Turkey, to serve athletes worldwide. Having experienced what an athlete needs when outfit is the issue, and having suffered enough to understand how it affects everything from performance to team commitment, we decided to bring our dreams to life by doing what we do best; communicating, listening and working hard, hence was born the brand Happening Sport!

Countless days of writing stories, designing products and collections, innovating strategies and several pivots later, we have widened our perspective. We realized we are more than a sports brand, and changed our structure from an apparel producer to a fully equipped design hub where we not only produce the final apparel products but we also offer our strategy development, story – telling and product design skills to our lovely partners.

just belıeve, we are happenıng!

Today, with our amazing team and desires, Happening is more than just a sports apparel brand; we are complete design hub. We have built up a design studio where we create, innovate and produce for our countless partners in over 20 countries from 3 different continents around the world! We prepare collections for textile brands, produce our own casual wear, innovate design projects outside of the textile industry as well as inside, and still keep on satisfying fellow athletes by constantly renewing and improving our vision.

You are in good hands, just let the Happening mojo work and show you that we are one.