A project for a passionate sports woman, Elif Numanoğlu. Elif is a marathon runner and an MSc student in Physical Education and Sports department of Middle East Technical University. Elif worked together with Happening to start her own sports brand. Our works started with designing two different marathon running projects with Elif, who ran these marathons to draw attention to women rights and highlighted a subject in every 7 kilometers. Happening has written and designed these projects together with Elif, which took a lot of attention on media and resulted in her recognition more in the community.

After the marathon projects, Elif has officially started her own sports brand She Runs Forever. As Happening, we helped Elif develop her branding strategy and tell her own story; we designed a website and an apparel collection for the brand together with her. We are still working together to improve the brand She Runs Forever and telling the story of Elif’s amazing works together.

Check out the beautiful products and learn more about her story below!