One of our biggest projects yet, we are proud to have designed and produced a completely new apparel collection for one of the most successful universities’ store in Turkey, the ODTÜDEN Store!

With many graduates in our team from Middle East Technical University (or ODTÜ in Turkish), we had long desired to bring our own ideas and designs to the brand. With their open – minded approach and our efforts, our dreams came true and Happening came up with a beautiful collection for the ODTÜDEN Brand. We produced various number of products from D2G t – shirts to embroidered hoodies and sweatshirts of our own designs for ODTÜDEN. Word got out faster than anybody ever expected on the day of the announcement of the new products and many products were sold out within days, and we are hoping this is just the beginning.

We have much more new ideas for the ODTÜDEN Brand, and are hoping to increase our collaboration by bringing more of the Happening Mojo with our vibrant colors and flamboyant lines. Check out some of the beautiful collection and the products we provided to ODTÜDEN below!