21 years old, an industrial design student at Middle East Technical University (METU). She played in EQC with ITU Honeybees in 2017, METU Unicorns in 2018, and 2019 having a bronze medal in 2018 and a silver medal in 2019. She also had a bronze medal from the World Cup 2018, Florence. She also joined the European Games in Bamberg. She participated in many fantasy tournaments, including BMT, LXG, Wildlynx, and Valentines Cup. She qualified for the finals of QPL with the Amsterdam Pride. In TQK 2018, she became one of the two MVP chasers.

How did you start playing quidditch and what were the things that made you attached to this sport?
Lots of students from my high school were going to the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) every year. Umut, Arif, Berk, and Yılmaz from ITU Honeybees were my friends from high school. We gathered in ITU when the semester started and, all they talk about was quidditch and their memories from Gallipoli. They laid it on with a trowel so I couldn’t resist. The most important thing that bonded me was after I had experienced a massive loss in my life. I knew that I was with people who knew about this loss and support me about it. Of course, the sport itself and the feeling of being in a team are factors too.

How was your first tournament?
My first tournament was the Turkish Quidditch Cup, 2016. I still believe it is the sweetest TQK ever been made. We were the captains with Yılmaz and Cüneyt in ITU Bumblebees back then. Our goal set was to qualify for the group, but we couldn’t. In our match with Honeybees, we were in the snitch rage, then, they said, ok, don’t exaggerate and drew away. Honeybees and Unicorns were getting along well together, and I met many people, I remember loving everyone I met. They were super sweet and playing exceptional. Honeybees was playing so well that year as well. They were always talking about how they went to the Ankara and came back, winning 4/4. They had lost against the Unicorns in the semi-finals and beat Bilkent Foxes in a fantastic atmosphere. Shortly, I was so excited, everything and everyone was so new to me. Also, It was a tournament that I understood the potential of this sport and potential of myself.

How was your transfer process?
I decided on the Saturday afternoon of Intergalaktik 2017. But the process started when Minicorns beat Honeybees in TQK 2017. After EQC and EG 2017, I realized the capacity of the sport, and I had a long way to go to play a high level. So, I started to work, watching matches with Idil, and going to the gym that summer. However, when we lost against Minicorns, many players transferred to Hippogriffs and Unicorns. I had so much responsibility at the time, and there was so much chaos because of the nature of this sport. I realized this process was bothering me so, I talked with Unicorns and got transferred that night. I was planning to change my department and start studying in METU anyway, I wasn’t a permanent player for the Honeybees. Then, I played in the Minicorns for a semester. I was getting along so well with the Unicorns, and playing with Minicorns was an excellent adaptation period for the team. I think all this process was stressful, but it worth to stress. Both teams taught me lots. I experienced everything I need to in university life with Honeybees by pushing the limits of fun. I found everything I was looking for in sports and friendship with Unicorns. I’m delighted. (I believe everyone should meet Enişte)

What does quidditch mean to you socially?
My department is intense, so there aren’t any places besides quidditch I can spare time. I tried playing different sports along with quidditch, handball, and rugby, but I failed to spare time for them. That’s why quidditch is my most significant social activity and the place where I feel completely relaxed. Also, my teammates are reaaally funny, there’s not a single day we got bored.

Why participating in tournaments abroad essential for you too?
Official tournaments abroad have a different atmosphere and high game level of quidditch comparing to Turkey. Being successful in these tournaments reminds the hard work being put during the year pays of. Apart from these, in fantasy tournaments, there is a chance for meeting and playing with so many different players. Travelling is also a reason why I attend these tournaments.

Can you compare the game and social lifestyle of the teams in Europe with Turkey?
I think there are few teams in Europe raising the level of the game. Most of the successful teams’ games depend on a few players, they are succeeding with their players rather than their system. These teams are failing to create a new generation to take their places. However, their game vision and physicality is more improved than most Turkish teams. That’s why their experienced players are staying in the pitch longer than ours and create a difference in the game. Socially, because of the culture of quidditch, you can easily communicate with everyone without caring about their nationality. Most of the people I met are so helpful and friendly. Quidditch is one of the rare communities where you can make friends from everywhere in the world.(:D)

What do you want to say about EQC and the Unicorns?
My blood pressure rises just by thinking about it, I lost my mental health because of EQC. I’m waking up from my sleep dreaming about the EQC final at nights. My heart beats so fast, ridiculously. Being the EQC champion is our biggest goal and I believe there are no teams that sacrifice as much as we do. My teammates dislocate their shoulders, legs they have surgeries. Ordinary people would quit, but they ask if they can get well until EQC. In this environment, you should always work in order not to prevent these people from reaching their goals. This is why Unicorns players are always sacrificing and going to the EQC no matter the conditions are. Even though we couldn’t be the champion yet, I believe the reason behind the respect we get and the success we have is our culture: giving 100% of yourself to everyone in the team.

Lastly, have may for yourself, we are the champions of October.

When you finish school, and the working life begins, where will you place quidditch in your life?
I’ll play till I die.


  • In 2018, we spent the night outside in Rome when going to the World Cup in Florence. When I was sleeping as I was trusting Fatih, apparently, he decided to go on a walk. When someone was approaching our bags, I found Fatih scaring him.

  • In EQC 2019, Belgium Harelbeke, we played the final without sleeping two days in a row because of the cold.
    Quidditch taught me conditions can always be worse.